The luxury Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare perching stools incorporate comfortable, non absorbant polyurethane upholstery and an anti-slip seat profile. These stools are ideal for bathroom, shower or kitchen use, providing seated support in a semi-standing position to facilitate easy sitting down/standing up. Front to back bracing struts provide additional strength, while the unique anthropometrically shaped seat profile ensures they are the most comfortable and slip-resistant available. 702PU - Adjustable Height 703PU - Adjustable Height, Tubular Back 704PU - Adjustable Height, Arms Only 705PU - Adjustable Height, Tubular Arms & Back 706PU - Adjustable Height, Tubular Arms & Padded Back 707PU - Adustable Height, Padded Arms & Back

Perching Stool with PU Seat

SKU: 702PU
  • 3.7kg (8lb)